From the egg production stage to processing and distribution in the form of pasteurised egg products, SOVIMO HELLAS S.A has set the highest standards for ensuring excellent quality, hygiene and flavour. SOVIMO HELLAS S.A  can guarantee excellence of the final product, starting with our facilities and ending with our experts who ensure the smooth operation of our production units

With great attention to detail, SOVIMO HELLAS S.A implements the production process with great care and sensitivity, so that control and excellent hygiene conditions can be ensured.

Every stage constitutes a necessary process, so that the end product meets the standards that every professional demands for the safe and tasty production of their own food products.

With state-of-the-art production lines and a huge range of products, we supply our customers with pasteurised egg products, frozen omelettes, ready-boiled eggs, dyed eggs and eggs in powder form.