SOVIMO HELLAS S.A is one of the largest companies in Europe which operates in the egg processing sector. Since 1997, our experitse in production and customercare have led to the continual growth of our company.

SOVIMO HELLAS S.A has set the highest standards to ensure excellent quality, hygiene and flavour, from the egg production stage to the processing stage and finally to its distribution in the form of pasteurised products. SOVIMO HELLAS S.A can guarantee excellence of the final product, starting with our facilities and ending with our experts who ensure the smooth operation of our production units.

With the constant support of GOLDEN EGGS S.A., SOVIMO HELLAS S.A has the following at its disposal:

  • Incubators, where ideal temperature, hygiene and humidity conditions are ensured.
  • Two state-of-the-art industrial poultry houses on our premises in Chiliomodi Korinthias and in Schimatari.
  • Poultry farms which provide our chickens with carefully selected, pure and natural food made from greek cereals which are strictly controlled according to the strict standards of GOLDEN EGGS S.A.
  • State-of-the-art automated systems for water and food, equipped with the latest technology.
  • A specialised egg testing centre, where the suitability and freshness of our eggs is carefully controlled through high-precision automated machinery.
  • 24-hour veterinary checks in all our units .
  • A complete system for biological treatment of waste, which tranforms waste products into safe organic fertilizer.

Our tools :


Our modern production facilities in Schimatari, in the Viotia prefecture, enable us to meet both the current and future demands of food control mechanisms and our customers.


Using the latest technology in the certified laboratory on our premises,where daily checks are carried out, we can ensure the highest possible quality and safety of our products.


Our own fleet of refrigerated trucks enables us to cover all of the Attica prefecture on a daily basis and hold exclusive cooperation agreements with businesses all over Greece and abroad.


Our workforce’s team spirit and dedication to our work play a vital role in our company’s success.


Our customers’ requirements and specific needs comprise a vital part of our company and provide us with support. The challenges and new ideas that our clientelle bring us help us constantly evolve and develop innovative products, thus broadening our company’s horizons and offering us prospects for improvement.